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Rafael is available to teach BJJ and Submission Wrestling (No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu) seminars around the world. If you are interested in hosting a Rafael Lovato Jr. seminar at your school, please contact Rafael Lovato Jr.


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Alex Hamilton

At Toronto BJJ we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Lovato for a whole week last year and it was a wonderful experience. His attention to detail while teaching techniques is what made him such a fantastic instructor. I would jump at the opportunity to train under him again.

Andrew Van Overbeke

I have been lucky to train under Rafael a couple of times over the years during his stays Toronto BJJ. He is an enthusiastic educator that inspires students. Every time he comes I end up adding a new element to my game that has usually been reinforced by one of the combination drills he teaches with his techniques. He also took the time to show me a couple of minor adjustments on the techniques that would better suit my pesadissimo body type, much to the chagrin of a few of my team mates. Thanks Rafael and I look forward to seeing you up here again soon!!

Ben Kamphaus

Rafael Lovato Jr’s seminar at Dark Horse was amazing! I am also very heavily focused on open guard, and “run long” in my weight class, so his main areas of focus helped my game immensely. A group of us who attended the seminar have been reviewing techniques every spare minute we get on the mats, and the depth of material he covered is going to keep us busy for some time! Despite the depth of material he covered, there were also immediate pay offs to attending the seminar, and I’ve already landed a few basic triangle setups from spider guard in the week immediately following it, and am starting to get a feel for some of the more complex sweeps. 

Rafael’s sense of timing for running the seminar was spot on. He gave us just enough material to get a taste for the positions so that the club could collectively record the techniques he presented, but didn’t waste seminar time on too much rote repetition (that’s for us to handle on our own study time!) He was very personable during the Q&A time, delving into both his own history as a competitor and the finer points of his techniques. His instruction was top notch and I hope he comes to visit us again in the near future!

Brock Stone

I enjoyed the seminar you taught at Dynamic MMA in Vancouver BC. The moves were practical and fit into a combo/game rather than just individual techniques. The small but important details on grip breaking, hip distance in spider guard, and newer "Black Swan" X-Pass have helped my game. Great attitude and passion for the sport. I hope to see you on the mats again soon!

Carlos Calderon

Hi Rafael, Your seminar at Team Tooke in Houston was a great one! We started off going over takedowns, highly effective ones. Then, we explored Spider guard concepts. For example; Basic priniciples, transitions & executions.I am very excitied to try the new things I learned. Your students are very fortunate to have access to your knowledge and experience on a regular basis. I highly recommend your detail oriented seminars. And thanks for your Q & A at the end. A+

Chris Savarese

Rafael has done 2 different seminars at my Academy. The first was for advanced guys and it was literally one of the top 3 seminars I've been to in my 15 years in BJJ. he is actively competing and his mind is on another level. the 2nd was for beginner to intermediate and he showed small details that the guys loved and broke things down in a way that everyone remembered. This isn't a BS line. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HIS SEMINARS ENOUGH. he is not a World Champion by accident. but better than than, he is a WORLD CLASS instructor as well.

Chuck Sainz

Opened a new door in my Jiu-Jitsu world!

David Bach

Rafeal Lovato Jr's seminars are amazing, and full of so much detail. His techniques flow from one to another. He has such a great way of keeping things simple and easy to understand. I just wish we had him for another day or two. He is such a down to earth person. Thanks for all the help Rafael. Don't miss the chance to train with him. You will be very amazed at how it will help your game. If you have a questions ask him and he will help you out any way he can. Now thats a true champion in my opinion. Thanks for coming to Colorado!

Greg Harrison

Was at the Dynamic Gi seminar in Vancouver Canada. Love every minute of it. Easy to follow techniques and really liked how you had a flow to all the techniques taught which has greatly improved my spider guard.

I have hit that spider guard sweep a ton of times now in training.

Hope you can make it back up this way for a longer seminar, or I will try and make it down to your gym for more hands on teaching some day!


James Garcia

Master lovato is an amazing instructor, he shows the details behind every move and why it is important to have the correct grips. If you ever have a chance to attend a seminar or train at his gym please take advantage!!

Jeremy Krames

I attended one of your most excellent seminars at Heroes Martial Arts in San Jose, and I wanted you to know that I found your seminar to be of the upmost quality.  I found you to be approachable, helpful, and genuinely interested in our progress as BJJ practitioners.  The very detailed pass sequence you showed, I'm certain will revolutionize my game, and even though I thought I had seen and understood the sweep you had shown, the details you included made me see it entirely anew!  The contingency techniques of said sweep were inspired and fun to drill.  Again, thank you so much Professor Lovato!  You set the bar and changed my game!

Johannes Wieth

Rafael was teaching a seminar at my academy in Germany this year right after the European Open. It was mind-blowing for myself and i got a absolute positiv feedback from my students. He was not just showing and explaining the techniques very well, he also mentioned when to perform the move, how to set it up and showed possible follow ups. He also shared his philosophy about BJJ and how to train to gain the best results. I really hope to be able to convince him to come back to our academy asap.

Nicholas Gudgeon

Out of the countless number of seminars I have attended it was hands down the best!  Amazing technique, distinguished champion, and an honor to learn from.

Peter Toyas

Lovato's seminars are the best and have helped my jiu-jitsu game tremendously.

Thomas Schöpflin

Very well-structured, great explanations of the small details that make a difference, always open for questions, suitable for both beginners and advanced students, and an authentic personality both as a teacher and a fellow student of the art & life in general.

Travis Mickelson

I've participated in five of Rafael's seminars and am fortunate to train on his team and have had the opportunity to train with him many times always world class always professional an amazing athlete and wonderful human being thanks for everything

Zach Adamson

World Class in every aspect, enough said...


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