Rafael Lovato Jr Dominates at IBJJF Master Worlds 2016 Debut

The IBJJF Master Worlds has just come to an end & it was such an incredible event! Lovato's School of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts Head Instructor, Rafael Lovato Jr had a very successful first Master's experience competing in the Master 1 Super Heavy division alongside his Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu brother, Xande Ribeiro. Lovato Jr was able to submit all his opponents leading to the Finals where he was able to finish his opponent Eliot Kelly with a very powerful cross choke from the mount position. Not only was he able to obtain the Gold medal for his division, but he was also able to avenge Xande's loss in the Semi Finals against Eliot Kelly. But, his success did not stop there as his goal was to close out a Black Belt division with Xande. Thus the two signed up for the Black Belt Master 1 Absolute division where Lovato Jr dominated his opponents & was able to close out the Absolute division with his Ribeiro brother. Xande stepped down gracefully & gave the Gold medal to Lovato Jr. So in his first Masters Worlds appearance, Rafael Lovato Jr was able to Double Gold in the Black Belt Master 1 division!

Huge congratulations to Lovato Jr on his incredible achievement as well to all the Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu representatives who took the journey to lay everything on the line. Catch all the action again, watch Rafael Lovato Jr's path to victory at the IBJJF 2016 Master World Championships on Flograppling !

Here is Rafael Lovato Jr's Finals match in the Black Belt Super Heavy division:


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