Lovato Jr Becomes 2x Master World Champion (including Interview with Flograppling)

After an incredible run in No Gi, Professor Rafael Lovato Jr put the Gi on for the first time this year to compete at the very prestigious International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation Master World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. His performance was nothing less than expected, as Lovato Jr put on a clinic displaying his signature pressure passing & devastating mount / back submissions. Submitting many of his opponents all the way through to the finals of the Master 1 Black Belt Super Heavy division to come out on top once again with the very well deserved Gold medal! But his run didn't stop there as he fought against many other Master World Champions to claim the Master 1 Black Belt Open Class title for the second time! Not only did he have a near flawless performance, but an amazing moment in martial art history was created as he competed alongside his father, Professor Rafael Lovato Sr (an icon in the Martial Arts world) who was able to claim the Bronze medal in his Black Belt Master 6 Light weight division!

A very huge congratulations to Professor Rafael Lovato Jr on becoming a 2x Master 1 Black Belt Double Gold World Champion! & of course an equally heartfelt congratulations to his father, Professor Rafael Lovato Sr on his Bronze medal performance!

Check out this post- Black Belt Finals interview of Rafael Lovato Jr & be sure to watch his phenomenal run at Double Gold thanks to our friends at Flograppling!

Jubilant Lovato Jr Celebrates Double Gold at Master Worlds


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